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Mycenaean pottery pictures collection from greek museums
Each thumbnail photo is a link to a larger version of the same photograph.


The warrior krater

The warrior krater. Large krater depicting men in full armor (helmet, cuirass, greaves, shield and spear) as they depart for battle, a sack of supplies hanging from their spears. To the side, a woman raises her hand in a farewell or mourning gesture. On the back five warriors in similar attire, but with a different helmet, raise their spears. A relief bovine head and pairs of painted birds adorn the handles. A superb example of the Mycenaean Pictorial style. From the House of the Warrior Krater, Mycenae acropolis. 12th cent.BC.

Pithoid jar

Pithoid jar. With a unique representation of a stylized griffin.Grave VI.

Ovoid rython

Ovoid rython. Decorated with spirals. Grave II. National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Clay jar

Small clay jar with bird decoration. Grave L. National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Large crater

Large crater. Fragment of a large crater representing two horse chariot. Tiryns . Late 13rd Century BC. National Archaeological Museum

Palace style amphora

Palace style amphora with three large octopuses. Mycenaean cemetery at Argive Prosymma tomb 2. 15cent BC. National Archaeological Museum

Palace style amphora

Palace style amphora. Three handled Palace style amphora with striking aquatic birds on the shoulder. One of the first examples of pictorial pottery, born under Minoan influence. From the Mycenaean cemetery at Argive Deiras. 15th cent.BC. National Archaeological Museum

Clay Pyxis

Clay Pyxis. With painted representation of a ship, a fascinating example of the Mycenaean Pictorial Style. From the Tragana tholos tombs, Messenia (14th cent.BC.). National Archaeological Museum

Stemmed krater

Stemmed krater. With large stylized flowers. Prosymna. Late Helladic IIIB (13 cent. BC.). National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Pithoid jar

Pithoid jar decorated with stylized -rocky- landscape and ivy-leaves. Prosymna. Late Helladic IIA (15th.cent.BC.). National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Ovoid rython

Ovoid rython with double-axes. Prosymna. 15th cent.BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Stirrup jar

Close style stirrup-jar with linear decoration and bands of rossettes. Mycenae. Late Helladic IIIC (12th cent.BC.). National Archaeological Museum of Athens





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