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                                                    TEMPLE OF ZEUS (470 - 457 B.C.)
Temple of Zeus


South of the Temple of Hera stands the overpowering Temple of Zeus. Broad steps led up to the Temple with its tall columns that supported roof and pediments. The pediments at each end were filled with majestic sculptured figures, most of which are exhibited now in the Museum of Olympia. Inside the Temple was the forty-foot heroic statue of the enthroned Zeus, created in the late fifth century B.C. by Pheidias, the sculptor of the Athenian Parthenon. The statue was chryselaphantine, gold, and ivory, with bronze accents. The left foot of Zeus rested on an elaborate footstool and, in his right hand, he held a gold and ivory statue of Athena Nike; in his left, an eagle-topped scepter.
Doric, peripteral temple with six columns at the narrow and thirteen columns at the long sides. It was the model ("canon") of the doric order temple. Libon the Elean was the architect of the monument. The two pediments were decorated with marble sculptures depicting mythological scenes: East pediment: The contest between Pelops and Oinomaos. West pediment: The fight between Lapiths and Centaurs. The labours of Hercules were depicted on the twelve interior slabs ("metopae"). The temple was destroyed by the earthquakes of 522 and 551 A. D.


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