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Minoan jewellery pictures collection from greek museums
Each thumbnail photo is a link to a larger version of the same photograph.
Knossos ring

Gold ring from the tomb of Isopata, near Knossos, showing a religious scene which may represent an ecstatic ritual dance and an "epiphany" of a goddess. 1500 B.C. Herakleion Archaeological Museum

Gold necklace

Gold necklace beads from the cemetery at Archanes Phourni, Late Minoan III period. Herakleion Archaeological Museum

Gold pendant

Gold pendant with two wasps from Mallia. Herakleion Archaeological Museum.

a gold cascet

Gold cascet from Mochlos dating to the 2nd half of 3rd millenium BC. Herakleion Archaeological Museum.

Silver cup

Shallow silver cup with gold-plated rim and handle, both decorated with spirals; imported from Minoan Crete . From Vapheio tholos tomp, Lakonia 15th cent. BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Amethyst seal stone

Amethyst seal stone with depiction of a bearded man, a unique find in the greek mainland with parallels from Minoan Crete. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Gold jewelry

Gold jewelry, beads made of semi-precious stones and conical steatite seal with stylized representation. From the Minoan settlement at Kythera. 15th cent BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Duck shaped vessel

Precious duck-shaped vessel for cosmetic use (kymbe) made of a single piece of rock crystal, an excellent example of Minoan craftsmanship. 17th cent. BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Ivory plaque

Fragment of an ivory plaque with relief scene of a men and a bull, possibly representing a hunt of ceremonial bull-leaping. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Haematite cylinder seal

Haematite cylinder seal. Depictions of a chariot race and Mistress of the Animals, the great goddess of nature. Astrakoi near Knossos. 15-14 th.cent BC. Herakleion Archaeological Museum.





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