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Hellenistic Age Jewelry (4th to 1st cent. BC) images collection
Each thumbnail photo is a link to a larger version of the same photograph.



Necklace with cylindrical beads and Herakles knot with lion-heads. Gold. 325-300 BC.


Treasury of Demetrias. Diadem with spiral tendrils. In the centre Herakles knot with Eros. Gold 325-300 BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens.


Two torques with net pattern and bull-head terminals. Gold 3rd c. B.C. National Archaeological Museum of Athens


Pair of bracelets with terminals in the form of a sea dragon. Gold. End of 3rd cent. BC.  National Archaeological Museum of Athens

gold naiskos

Naiskos with drunken Dionysos and Satyr. Gold, garnets and emeralds. 2nd c. BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens


Belt with a Heracles knot decorated with tendrils, flowers and doves. Gold, emeralds and enamel. End of 3rd cent. BC.  National Archaeological Museum of Athens


Hairnet with the relief bust of Artemis with quiver. Gold, garnets 3rd cent. BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens


Braided strap with Herakles knot. It was placed diagonally on the chest. Gold and rock crystal. End of 3rd cent. BC.  National Archaeological Museum of Athens


Orphic bands bearing instructions for the afterlife. Gold, from Eleutherna Crete. 350 BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens.


Gemstone with a female figure leaning on a column. Cornelian. Hellenistic period.

hellenistic necklace

Necklace with bull-heads and acorns. Gold. From the Troad. 3rd cent. BC.


Eight rosettes. From the decoration of a polos or a stephane. Gold with white and blue-green enamel. 4th cent. BC.



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