Greek thesaurus


Historical periods and civilizations
• Neolithic Period
• Cycladic civilization
• Minoan civilization
• Mycenaean civilization
• Geometric period
• Classical period
• Hellenistic period
• Roman period
• Byzantine period


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Photo Gallery
• Red figure pottery
• Black figure pottery
• Classic period Jewellery
• Bronze Art statues
• Marble Sculpture statues
Archaeological Areas
• The Acropolis of Athens
• Ancient Olympia the sanctuary
• The Archaeological area of Eleusis
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Fates, the three goddesses who control the destinies of men: Clotho, who spins the thread of life; Lachesis, who determines its length; and Atropos, who cuts it off

Furies, the goddesses of vengeance, known also as Erinyes or Eumenide.






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