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                                                       Greek Mythology Thesaurus


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Daedalus, son of Metion, father of Icarus; famed for his skilled craftsmanship and handiwork
Damasichthon, son of Niobe and Amphion, killed by Apollo
Damasistratus, a Plataean, who found and buried the body of Oedipus' father, Laius
Damastes, a famous robber, also known as Procrustes; he was killed by Theseus
Danae, daughter of King Acrisius of Argos, mother of Perseus by Zeus
Danaus, an early king of Egypt
Dardanus, son of Zeus and an ocean nymph
Dardanus, a Troyan, son of Bias, killed by Achilles                                                                                  Dares, a Troyan, priest of Hephaestus                                                                                                       Death, child of Night, the twin brother of Sleep; also known by his Greek name, Thanatos                              Deianira, daughter of Oeneus, sister of Meleager, wife of Heracles; her jealousy brought about her husband's death                                                                                                                                                     Deicoon, a Troyan, son of Pergasus, friend of Aeneas, killed by Agamemnon                                                 Deidamia, daughter of Lycomedes king of Scyros, wife of Achilles, mother of Neoptolemus                         Deiochus, an Argive, killed by Paris                                                                                                       Deioneus, son of Eurytus of Oechalia                                                                                                      Deiphobus, king of Amyclae                                                                                                                    Deiphobus, son of Priam, one of the greatest of the Troyan heroes                                                             Deiphones, one of the descendants of Heracles                                                                                           Deipyle, daughter of Adrastus, wife of Tydeus                                                                                               Deipyrus, an Argive, killed by Helenus                                                                                                       Demeter, daughter of Cronus and Rhea, greek goddess of agriculture and the civilization based on it      Democoon, bastard son of Priam, killed by Odysseus                                                                            Demodocus, bard at the court of Alcinous king of the Phaeacians                                                               Demoleon,  from Troy, son of Antenor and Theano, killed by Achilles                                                           Demoleon, of Sparta, son of Hippasus, killed by Paris                                                                            Demophoon, son of Theseus and Phaedra                                                                                            Demoptolemus, one of Penelope's suitors, killed by Odysseus                                                                    Demuchus, a Troyan, wounded by Achilles                                                                                            Derimachia, an Amazon, killed by Diomedes                                                                                              Derione, an Amazon, killed by Ajax the Less                                                                                              Deucalion, son of Prometheus and Clymene, husband of Pyrrha; he and his wife were the only ones saved when Zeus decided to destroy mankind by a great flood                                                                             Deucalion, son of Minos of Crete, brother of Phaedra
Deucalion, a Troyan, killed by Achilles
Dictys, a centaur, killed at the weddding feast of Pirithous
Dictys, son of Magnes, ruler with his brother Polydectes over the island of Seriphus
Diocles, son of Ortilochus, host to Telemachus and Peisistratus on their journey to and from Sparta
Diomedea, playmate of Briseis
Diomedes of Thrace, son of Ares, king of the Bistones
Diomedes, son of Tydeus, one of the greatest of the Argive heroes in the Troyan war
Dione, mother of Niobe by Tantalus, and, by one branch of tradition, of Aphrodite by Zeus                             Dionysus, Greek god of fertility and wine, son of Zeus and Semele; also known as Bacchus
Diores, son of Amarynceus, one of the Argive leaders In the war of Troy
Dioscuri see Tyndaridae
Dollus, faithful servant and gardener of Penelope
Dolon, son of Eumedes, a Troyan spy killed by Diomedes
Dolops, a Troyan, killed by Menelaus                                                                                                       Dorus, son of Xuthus and Creusa, father of the Dorian race
Dryas, leader of the Lapiths in their fight with the centaurs
Dryops, a Troyan, killed by Achilles




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