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Paeeon, the physician of the Olympian gods
Palamedes, son of Nauplius, famed for his wisdom, destroyed by the jealousy of Odysseus     
Pallas, daughter of Triton; Athene killed her by accident and in her sorrow assumed her name, adding it to her own          
Pallas, son of Pandion, brother of Aegeus       
Pallas see Athene  
Pammon, son of Priam and Hecuba, killed by Neoptolemus         
Pan, the god of hills and woods, protecting deity of flocks, herdsmen, and hunters       
Pandarus, son of Lycaon, a Troyan hero         
Pandora, the woman made out of earth by Hephaestus and endowed by the gods with all the graces 
Panthous, one of the Troyan elders       
Paris, son of Priam and Hecuba, also known as Alexander; abductor of Helen and thus the cause of the Troyan war          
Parthenopaeus, brother of Adrastus, one of the Seven against Thebes          
Patroclus, son of Menoetius, the close friend of Achilles. After his death at Hector's hands, Achilles put aside his wrath and took part again in the war against Troy              
Pedasus, one of the horses of Achilles, distinguished from Balius and Xanthus by not being immortal   
Pegasus, the winged horse, offspring of Poseidon and Medusa, who sprang with Chrysaor from the torso of Medusa when she was beheaded by Perseus               
Peiraeus, son of Clytius, friend of Telemachus           
Peisenor, a herald at Ithaca        
Peisistratus, son of Nestor and Anaxibia, friend and companion of Telemachus on his journey to Sparta from                
Pelagon, a Lycian, friend of Sarpedon          
Pelegon, son of the river-god Axius, father of Asteropaeus         
Peleus, son of Aeacus, husband of the Nereid Thetis, father of Achilles, one of the Argonauts  
Pelias, son of Cretheus, uncle of Jason  
Pelops, son of Tantalus, killed by his father and served as food to the gods, but restored miraculously to life by the Fates   
Pelorus, a giant, killed by Ares  
Peneleus, leader of the Boeotians in the Troyan war         
Penelope, daughter of Icarius, faithful wife of Odysseus, mother of Telemachus             
Penthesilea, daughter of Ares, one of the Amazons, who came to the aid of Troy after the death of Hector   
Pentheus, son of Echion and Agave, king of Thebes          
Periboea, daughter of Eurymedon king of the giants         
Periclymenus of Thebes, son of Poseidon and Chloris, one of the defenders of Thebes against the Seven   
Perigune, daughter of Sinnis, rescued by Theseus and married to Deioneus   
Perimedes, one of the companions of Odysseus          
Periphas, an Aetolian, killed by Ares           
Periphas, a Troyan herald           
Periphetes, a famous robber, killed by Theseus              
Periphetes, a Troyan ally, killed by Teucer           
Periphetes of Mycenae, an Argive, son of Copreus, killed by Hector         
Perse, daughter of Oceanus, wife of Helios, mother of Circe and Aeetes            
Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, queen of the underworld            
Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae, one of the great heroes of Greek mythology        
Petraeus, a centaur, killed by Pirithous  
Phaedimus, son of Niobe and Amphion, killed by Apollo           
Phaedra, daughter of Minos of Crete, sister of Ariadne, wife of Theseus              
Phaenops, a Troyan, son of Asius, father of Xanthus and Thoon                        
Phaestus, a Troyan ally, killed by Idomeneus           
Phaethon, son of Apollo and Clymene, who plunged to his death when he attempted to guide his father's chariot through the heavens         
Phalces, a Troyan, killed by Antilochus            
Phegeus, king of Psophis, son of Alphaeus, father of Arsinoe the wife of Alcmaeon            
Phegeus, a Troyan, son of Dares, killed by Diomedes                
Phemius, a bard in the palace of Odysseus          
Phereclus, a Troyan, son of Harmonides, who built the ship in which Paris carried off Helen            
Pheres, father of Admetus, who refused to die for his son       
Phereus, an Argive, one of Nestor's followers             
Fhidippus, son of Thessalus,  one of the descendants of Heracles         
Philoctetes, son of Poeas, friend of Heracles; at Heracles' death he received his bow and invincible arrows            
Philoetius, the faithful cowherd of Odysseus, who helped in the slaughter of the suitors          
Philonoe, daughter of Iobates, wife of Bellerophon            
Phineus, brother of Cepheus, uncle of Andromeda, turned to stone by Perseus   
Phineus, son of Agenor, persecuted by the Harpies until delivered from them by the sons of Boreas  
Phoebus see Apollo
Phoenix, son of Amyntor, educator of Achilles              
Pholus, son of Silenus, a centaur          
Phorcys, father of the Gorgona and of the Graeae                
Phorcys, leader of the Phrygians, son of Phaenops, killed by Ajax  
Phrixus, son of Athamas and Nephele, brother of Helle                                                                         Phrontis, son of Chalciope, nephew of Medea                                                                                      Phyleus, son of Augeas, who took the side of Heracles against his father                                                Phylla, one of the mares of Oenomaus                                                                                                 Pidytes, a Troyan ally, killed by Odysseus                                                                                         Pierides, one of the names of the Muses, from their birthplace Pieria                                                                Pirithous, son of Ixion, friend of Theseus                                                                                                        Pisander, a Troyan, killed by Menelaus                                                                                                          Pisander, an Argive, son of Maemalus, one of Achilles' Myrmidons                                                                  Pisander, one of Penelope's suitors, killed by Philoetius                                                                                  Pittheus, son of Pelops and Hippodamia, king of Troezen                                                                                Pleisthenes, son of Thyestes, killed by his uncle Atreus and served to Thyestes at a banquet                            Pluto see Hades                                                                                                                                         
Podalirius, son of Asclepius and Epione, skilled in the art of healing                                                                Podarces, son of Iphicles, leader of the Thessalians, killed by Penthesilea                                                        Podarces, son of Laomedon, brother of Hesione see Priam                                                                              Podarge, one of the Harpies, mother of Achilles' horses                                                                                  Podargus, one of the horses of Menelaus                                                                                                       Podes, a Troyan, son of Eetion, killed by Menelaus                                                                                         Polites, son of Priam and Hecuba, brother of Deiphobus                                                                                  Polites, a friend of Odysseus                                                                                                                         Polybotes, one of the giants, pursued by Poseidon                                                                                         Polybus, king of Corinth, foster father of Oedipus                                                                                            Polyctor, the name assumed by Hermes when he guided Priam to Achilles                                                      Polydamas, a Troyan leader, son of Panthous                                                                                                Polydectes, ruler with his brother over the island of Seriphus, husband of Danae, stepfather of Perseus               Polydeuces, son of Tyndareus and Leda, brother of Helen; Polydeuces and his brother Castor together were      known as the Dioscuri (by one branch of tradition they were the sons of Zeus) of the Tyndaridae                          Polydorus, youngest son of Priam and Laothoe, stoned to death by the Argives                                                Polyidus, a renowned seer                                                                                                                           
Polymnestor, king of Thrace, to whom Polydorus, youngest son of Priam, was entrusted for rearing   
Polynices, son of Oedipus and Jocasta, brother of Eteocles and Antigone, one of the Seven against Thebes                   
Polyphemus, son of Elatus and Hippe, one of the Argonauts                
Polyphemus, one of the Cyclopes, in whose cave Odysseus and his companions were imprisoned   
Polyphontes, a descendant of Heracles, brother and murderer of Cresphontes    
Polypoetes, an Argive, son of Pirithous and Hippodamia   
Polyxena, daughter of Priam and Hecuba             
Polyxenus, son of Agasthenes, leader of the Elians against Troy            
Pontonous, a Phaeacian herald            
Porphyrion, one of the giants, killed by Zeus and Heracles                
Poseidon, the god of the sea, son of Cronus and Rhea, brother of Zeus               
Priam, son of Laomedon, brother of Hesione, husband of Hecuba, father of Hector; king of Troy; in his youth he was also known as Podarces               
Procles, son of Aristodemus and Argia, twin brother of Eurysthenes    
Procrustes see Damastes               
Proetus, king of Tiryns, son of Abas                
Promachus, an Argive from Boeotia, killed by Acamas                  
Promachus, son of Parthenopaeus, one of the Epigoni                   
Prometheus, son of Iapetus, brother of Epimetheus; he was sentenced to eternal punishment by Zeus for having stolen fire from heaven and given it to mankind             
Pronous, son of Phegeus              
Pronons, a Troyan, killed by Patroclus              
Protesilaus, son of Iphicles, brother of Podarces, killed by Aeneas                  
Proteus, the old man of the sea, who could change his shape at will               
Prothoe, an Amazon, killed by Heracles                
Prothoenor, an Argive, leader of the Boeotians, killed by Polydamas                   
Prothoon, a Troyan, killed by Teucer                  
Prothous, leader of the Magnesians before Troy                  
Pylades, son of Strophius, friend of Orestes, betrothed to Electra             
Pylaemenes, a Troyan ally, killed by Menelaus; he was the father of Harpalion   
Pylaeus, a Troyan ally, son of Lethus             
Pyraechmes of Paeonia, a Troyan ally, killed by Patroclus          
Pyrrha, daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora, wife of Deucalion, with him saved from the flood by which Zeus destroyed the race of men            
Pyrrhus see Neoptolemus




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