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The Ancient Greeks in America Page 3

Below are some pictures that prove the existance of the Greek civilization at the B.C. ages ,all over the America's region. If these pictures are not proofs for the existance of the ancient Greeks in America the word "proof" has lost it's meaning. These pictures have to do with the ancient civilizations of Incas, Maya, Toltecs, Olmecs, Aztecs and all these cultures have the Greek influence inside them . Each thumbnail photo is a link to a larger version of the same photograph.

Palacio de las Grecas

Palacio de las Grecas Mitla Mexico. The two huge delphic antithetic epsilon's.

Knossos throne room

Knossos the throne room. The two antithetic epsilon.

Tiwanaku doorway

Tiwanaku an Incas doorway. Bolivia.

Portara Naxos

Naxos Portara an archaic doorway.

Colombia death mask

Gold death mask from Colombia. 1st cent. BC.

Agamemnon death mask

The Agamemnon's gold death mask.

Mexico anthropology museum tablets

Mexico anthropology museum clay tablets. The signs of crosses and spirals are depicted.


Attic red figure vase. Again crosses, meanders, greek keys, spirals.

Tiwanaku puma

Pottery from Bolivia Tiwanaku. A greek key - meander in the base.

Metope from Corfu

The same exactly meander from a temple's relief . Corfu. 

Cyclopean wall from Saxsayhuaman

Cyclopean polygonal masonry of the lower terrace on the plaza side of Saxsayhuaman Peru.

Cyclopean wall from Argos

Cyclopean wall precision fitting Paleo Kastro Agios Adrianos, Argos Peloponesse.



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